About Us

Neema Consulting is an experienced restaurant bookkeeping firm with an extensive background in the hospitality industry. We are unique because we understand all aspects of operations, from the front-of-house to the back-of-house.

Our CEO, Neeta Hemlall, has spent the past 12 years in the food service and hospitality industry as a CFO, Controller, and VP of Operations. While holding these positions she developed a labor budget variance analysis, which was implemented at numerous restaurants yielding labor savings in excess of $5 million. As technology changed, she introduced methods using the Web to help drive sales. Mrs. Hemlall holds a Masters in Accounting from Long Island University. She is a certified QuickBooks Pro, a member of AICPA (American Institute of CPAs), AIPB (American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers), and the New York State Restaurant Association. Her deep knowledge base allows us to control cost and help drive sales!

It is more essential than ever to have inventory and labor controls in place to ensure your business is running efficiently. Our financial and operational background expertise lies in accounting systems, cost controls, budgeting, forecasting, cost accounting, financial statements, and cash flow improvement. We have New York restaurant bookkeeping down to a science.

Neema Consulting replaces guesswork and inefficiency with proven and reliable business models. Outsourced bookkeeping enables you to dedicate more time, energy, and financial resources to your business operation. You’ll also save on expenses such as payroll taxes, office supplies, health insurance, and countless hours of hiring and training new employees when you outsource your back-of-house operations to Neema Consulting,

We schedule site visits at no additional cost to discuss everything from cash flow management to vendor price changes. Our fees are a fraction of the costs of hiring an in-house bookkeeper or comparable services—we are your trusted firm for restaurant bookkeeping in NYC!