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Considering bookkeeping help? Bookkeeping and accounting is one of the areas in your business that cannot be neglected or it will lead to serious repercussions such as unknown profitability, incorrect tax filing, lack of proper work papers for audits, etc. This is why business owners should hire a qualify professional to handle their restaurant bookkeeping in NYC and not think about it. With the advances of technology business owners are now outsourcing most of their in-house departments, freeing up valuable time while saving lots of money in the process.

Neema Consulting is Professional hospitality and restaurant bookkeeping firm in NYC with over 15 years of experience serving fast casual, family style, fine dining, café, fast food, food trucks, bar, lounge, and night clubs. Our professional NYC bookkeeping firm offer hospitality and restaurant business owners an efficient and seamless method to outsource their accounting department (BOH) for less than an in-house team. As experts in restaurant budgeting and forecasting and restaurant inventory management, we will help you stay on track to hit all your financial targets. We will implement or upgrade the current accounting software platform and suggest operational processes in key areas such as cash handling, petty cash, labor cost, purchasing, etc.

All of the bookkeeping service is done in our office; consider us your corporate office. Our NYC bookkeeping specialist will pick up all business related documents and issue vendor checks weekly. All vendor invoices and banking documents will be kept and maintain by us. Need a copy of an invoice or bank statements no problem, a phone call or an email to your dedicated Bookkeeping specialist and this is done in minutes. Vendors will now call our office with any questions such as; when can I expect payment, why was this invoice short paid, skipped invoice, etc. This allows you to focus on the most important parts of the business driving sales and implementing processes!

All of our clients are assign to a dedicated bookkeeping specialist to ensure client deliverables are meet and to provide excellent customer service. They are responsible for reviewing and managing funds transaction, invoices, payments, credit cards settlements, and any issues that requires immediate attention.

Why outsource your back office to Neema Consulting?  Not only are we experienced in this industry, we understand as a bookkeeper that data entered must be accurate, allowing you to analyze and manage your business. Timely and accurate data assist with critical decisions making such as reducing purchases and adjusting labor as sales fluctuate. Outsourcing to Neema will save you the headaches of hiring, training, and managing; not to mention the huge savings on office space, utilities, supplies, payroll, payroll Taxes, workers comp, days off, vacation time, retention, etc. We maintain your books on a daily basis and at the end of the year our records are giving to your accountant. We will provide all schedules and backups needed to assist with the annual tax return filing.

Neema Consulting has a vast knowledge of Accounting and POS software’s such as Quickbooks, Peachtree, Compeat, Great Plains, MAS 90, Accpac, Xero, Micros, Aloha, Revel, Breadcrumbs, Digital Dining, Squirrel, Rpower, just to name just a few!

As a member of the Restaurant Association, AIPB, and AICPA we are always aware of changes that are affecting our industry. If your business requires professional bookkeeping services in NYC and want to reduce the costly expense of an in-house team contact us.